1. Search for “Actions URI” in Obsidian’s community plugins browser and install it. (This link should bring it up.)
  2. Enable the plugin in your Obsidian settings under “Community plugins”.

That’s it.

Installation via BRAT (for pre-releases or betas)

  1. Install BRAT.
  2. Add “Actions URI” to BRAT:
    1. Open “Obsidian42 - BRAT” via Settings → Community Plugins
    2. Click “Add Beta plugin”
    3. Use the repository address czottmann/obsidian-actions-uri
  3. Enable “Actions URI” under Settings → Options → Community Plugins


Clone the repository, run pnpm install OR npm install to install the dependencies. Afterwards, run pnpm dev OR npm run dev to compile and have it watch for file changes.